Sunday morning walk

Being a Mum to 3 boys, 2 of them little doers under 7, I recognised quite early how much easier my life is if the boys are entertained.  I can do some art and craft with them, a couple of games of snap, even indoor cubby house building will hold their attention for at least three and a half minutes, but nothing keeps my boys amused, entertained, and with a massive smile on their face better than a nature adventure.  And nothing puts the icing on the cake quite like an outdoor adventure with their Dad.  He’s the hero of the home.

This morning, after a relatively uneventful day yesterday resulting in a severe case of cabin fever, we took the boys up the hill to Lesmurdie Falls.  It was freezing cold, the wind had a chill factor of ………a lot!  All rugged up and armed with a keen imagination we found spots to catch massive sharks, we ate berries that turned us into super heroes, we camped along the river bank hiding from dangerous lions and tigers and we fought off attacks from alien invasions.  What a morning.  I’m knackered.

As I write I have one little doer to my right, snoring like there’s no tomorrow and one little doer on my left in the coma position watching Scooby Doo.  Happy days!  

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