Doer of the Day

Today’s Little Doer is my tea-cup.  I haven’t  used it for a while, preferring instead the convenience of the humongous coffee mugs in the cupboard above the kettle.  My tea-cup was in my special cupboard along with the cheese board my Dad made me and the silverware for entertaining.  Special cupboard is code for love, but never use cupboard.  I’m glad I dug it out.

Using my tea-cup makes me feel special.  It’s a celebration every time I boil the kettle.  I love the shape of the handle, and it’s limited capacity – forcing me to savour every sip.  I love that I can only fit two fingers in the handle and my pinky sticks up in the air making me feel a tiny bit posh.  The thing I love most about my tea-cup is that it makes me slow down, if only in my head.  The special event that is having a cup of tea in my tea-cup takes me to a sunny spot with a comfy arm chair and a magazine, while in reality I might be making dinner, loading the washing machine and mediating between two feuding children.  I wonder where I’d escape to if I had a POT of tea.  

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