Who doesn’t love a dress up?

When I was a girl I couldn’t get enough of the dress up box.  I was forever donning a costume to transport me to the awesome land of super hero’s or I’d chuck on one of Mum’s ‘going out’ dresses and immediately be transformed into the most glamourous movie star.

It wasn’t just me who liked dressing up.  Every little kid loved it.

As I got older the dress ups became more normal –  a blue light disco, a special birthday party, or a family dinner at a restaurant.  Gone were the outlandish, impractical, ill fitting alter egos.  Gone were the visits to other worlds, times and places.  Why did they go?  Why did I stop dressing up?  I’ve got no idea.  Is it maturity?  Or child development?  Do other toys or trends command our attention leaving the dress up box neglected and ripe for the clutter cull that all Mum’s inevitably insist on?

What I do know is that it comes back.  The urge to dress up, often the more outrageously the better, returns………with a vengeance.  Fancy dress parties, costume gala’s, work and school free dress days, the cricket, all arranged to cater for our need to be someone or something different.   We can’t get enough of it.  Costume and fancy dress shops are doing a roaring trade.

It’s just a guess but I think we’re playing.  I think the Little Doer inside us is screaming so hard to be let out now and again that we have to reach for our fairy dress or Light sabre and go and save the world.  May the Force be with you.

This gorgeous girl came to the studio and got into the spirit of dress ups without any hesitation.  She channelled the spirit and energy of a beautiful screen goddess from yesteryear.  An absolute pleasure to photograph.

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