15 Guidelines to Successful Camping

1.  Eat immediately upon arriving at camp site.


2. Relax


3. Look up



4. Channel Robin Hood – with the exception of his ghastly tights and boots………meh, boots are OK – whatever flops your mop.


5. Rescue someone.


6. Laugh A LOT.


7.  Wear Wellies.


8. Hangout with Family.


9. Try something new.


10. Find Time to be Alone.


11.   Use fire for EVERYTHING – Cooking, Entertainment, Warmth, TV, Meditation, Teaching etc.


12.  Walk.


13.  Find the Beauty.


14.  Get as close to the edge as you possibly can.  Close enough that your carers have their heart in their mouth, but not close enough to spoil the camping trip.


15.  Know when you’re knackered.


Hilarious and Heart Warming

I have family members who live a long, long way away.  Life plods along without them.  I think about them often though, wondering what life would be like if we shared space and time.  How would our kids get along?  Would we hang out every weekend like we used to in days gone by? The old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” rings true for me.  On the odd occasion when we have all managed to occupy the same geographical location at the same time, I’m sure the sun shone brighter, the world was at peace and I got a parking spot right outside all the places I needed to.  Every single one of us were determined to make every second count.  Every second contributed to treasured memories and a bond that could only be understood and cherished by those with a shared history.

Such was the case for this family – an impromptu visit from across the land, a jam packed recreation schedule, lots and lots of smiles, and time made to record their bond.  I love these guys.  They’re friendly, relaxed and so obviously adoring of each other – not to mention completely photogenic.  The time I spent with them reminded me of my family, the closeness that exists regardless of the last get together date, the indescribable pride and feeling of protection towards a siblings children even though it may have been years since you saw them last.  The banter, oh the banter – hilarious and heart warming.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  Thanks so much you beautiful people.  Any time you would like to record your future family gatherings, I’ll be there with bells on! xxx

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Raphael Park

There was a time when we would use this park on a daily basis, but then we moved to a home with a backyard.  Even though we’re only a couple of streets a way we don’t visit as much.  I’ve missed it.  Both my younger boys have grown up here, achieved milestones here, had birthday parties, grazed their knees and climbed trees here.  Today we  brought Kaden to this beautiful park to learn how to ride his two wheeler unassisted.  Koby D had success here, so why not Kaden?  Well, he just wasn’t interested.  He can do it alright but his confidence must grow and that’s going to take time.  So we hung out at the playground instead.

What is it about swings?  They are such fun; swinging as high as possible, hanging on for dear life; and they’re soothing, a small gentle sway is almost slumber inducing.  My boys love them.  although my heart was in my mouth watching Koby D jump from a great height and Kaden in his super hero pose, it was very cool to see their happy little faces at play.



Hot! Hot! Hot!

It was unbearably hot this day, an over 38 degree day in a string of many.  This family was unfazed, ready for action and willing to put on their best smiles and work it for the camera!  The two Little Doers had their own camera and took footage ‘behind the scenes’.  Absolute naturals in creativity and flair.  Thankfully the water at this location cooled the air and made for some pretty cool piccies.  Thanks guys for being such good sports and making it an enjoyable shoot. ;o)

I like walks along the beach……………..

There are few places I’ve ever been where the sum total of all those visiting are having an enjoyable time.  The beach ‘does it’ for everyone!  Sure, you’ll see the occasional gloomy wanderer looking like they’re pondering the meaning of life, but they’ve chosen the beach as the place to ponder.

The beach, for me, is a refreshing and inspiring place to be.  It’s cleansing.  It takes me to my childhood and memories of games of beach cricket, burying my dad in the sand, boogie boards and greasy sunscreen.

This morning I took the boys to the beach.  We hung out for 3 and a half hours.  There’s no other place on the planet that holds their attention for that long.  I love the beach, my boys love the beach and, the evidence suggests our four legged friends do too.

Have you never, when waves were breaking, watched children at sport on the beach,
with their little feet tempting the foam-fringe, till with stronger and further reach
than they dreamed of, a billow comes bursting, how they turn and scamper and screech!
ALFRED AUSTIN, \”A Woman\’s Apology\”

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