Hilarious and Heart Warming

I have family members who live a long, long way away.  Life plods along without them.  I think about them often though, wondering what life would be like if we shared space and time.  How would our kids get along?  Would we hang out every weekend like we used to in days gone by? The old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” rings true for me.  On the odd occasion when we have all managed to occupy the same geographical location at the same time, I’m sure the sun shone brighter, the world was at peace and I got a parking spot right outside all the places I needed to.  Every single one of us were determined to make every second count.  Every second contributed to treasured memories and a bond that could only be understood and cherished by those with a shared history.

Such was the case for this family – an impromptu visit from across the land, a jam packed recreation schedule, lots and lots of smiles, and time made to record their bond.  I love these guys.  They’re friendly, relaxed and so obviously adoring of each other – not to mention completely photogenic.  The time I spent with them reminded me of my family, the closeness that exists regardless of the last get together date, the indescribable pride and feeling of protection towards a siblings children even though it may have been years since you saw them last.  The banter, oh the banter – hilarious and heart warming.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  Thanks so much you beautiful people.  Any time you would like to record your future family gatherings, I’ll be there with bells on! xxx

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