All the Pretty’s

………and the very handsome Daddy.

I have boys, all boys.  I have four brothers and three sons.  They’re boys; rough and tumble, jeans and t.shirts, bats and balls.

These beautiful girls made me wonder and ache for the girlie experience.  Twirly pretty dresses, shiny hair accessories, twinkly nail polish, makeup, and girlie giggles.

Dad is the Doter and the Dotee.  A wonderful blend of  fait accompli – knowing there’s absolutely no way he will have a say in the night’s family movie, and not at all surprised when all the girls begin to feel sympathy for him and insist he be wholly responsible for the nights entertainment.  It’s adorable.  The whole family is adorable.


_MG_3745 _MG_4866 _MG_4874 _MG_4922 _MG_4923-Edit _MG_4932 _MG_4944 _MG_4953 Family canvas panoramic

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