Raphael Park

There was a time when we would use this park on a daily basis, but then we moved to a home with a backyard.  Even though we’re only a couple of streets a way we don’t visit as much.  I’ve missed it.  Both my younger boys have grown up here, achieved milestones here, had birthday parties, grazed their knees and climbed trees here.  Today we  brought Kaden to this beautiful park to learn how to ride his two wheeler unassisted.  Koby D had success here, so why not Kaden?  Well, he just wasn’t interested.  He can do it alright but his confidence must grow and that’s going to take time.  So we hung out at the playground instead.

What is it about swings?  They are such fun; swinging as high as possible, hanging on for dear life; and they’re soothing, a small gentle sway is almost slumber inducing.  My boys love them.  although my heart was in my mouth watching Koby D jump from a great height and Kaden in his super hero pose, it was very cool to see their happy little faces at play.



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