Hot! Hot! Hot!

It was unbearably hot this day, an over 38 degree day in a string of many.  This family was unfazed, ready for action and willing to put on their best smiles and work it for the camera!  The two Little Doers had their own camera and took footage ‘behind the scenes’.  Absolute naturals in creativity and flair.  Thankfully the water at this location cooled the air and made for some pretty cool piccies.  Thanks guys for being such good sports and making it an enjoyable shoot. ;o)

2 Comments on “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. Love the jetty shot of family and the boys from rear arms around each other. How good is black and white. it just seems to throw the pics into a classic, timeless and more emotionally revealing state, almost as if colour try’s to trick us but black and white is simple purity.

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